Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gee Vaucher Print Release!

"Pretty Polly"
Serigraph on Stonehenge Paper
Size: 15" x 22"
Edition # 50
Price: $300 + Shipping and Handling
Signed and numbered by Gee Vaucher
Printed by hand by Karen Fiorito (with a special cameo by Gee Vaucher)

Artist Statement:
"All humans are animal, but some animals are more human than others."

Artist Bio:
Her work with Anarcho-punk band Crass was seminal to the 'protest art' of the 1980s. Vaucher has always seen her work as a tool for social change and in her collection of early works (1960-1997) Crass Art and Other Pre Post-Modernist Monsters, her artwork moves easily from gouache, pastel, collage and everything in-between, to show her strong political, and feminist views.
In Vaucher's second book, Animal Rites, she reflects on the relationship between animals and humans. This book of collage work comments on our determination to imbue animals with human behaviour and sentiments.