Friday, December 18, 2015


Instructor: Karen Fiorito


By popular demand, this is the second time we're offering photopolymer gravure this year!

Photopolymer Gravure is a relatively easy method of creating intaglio prints from both photographic and hand-drawn imagery. Photopolymer prints can rival copper plate photogravures, but are processed in a fraction of the time and materials, and require a fairly minimal learning curve.

In this workshop, you will learn how to make a photogravure using a photopolymer plate and a digital film. You will also learn how to make a film with an imbedded random dot or halftone screen, the matrix for the image. Each artist will have the choice of making 2 one-color images or 1 two-color image. 

Saturday, January 9th, 10-4pm
Saturday, January 16th, 10-4pm
Sunday, January 17th, 10-4pm

Prospective students must have a reasonable understanding of Photoshop. Platemaking or printmaking experience is not required. Images do not have to be of photographic origin. Students will be asked to bring Photoshop files of images or drawings and a laptop (if they have one). A thumb drive for transferring images is also recommended.

$415.00: Refunds, minus a $40 cancellation fee, are available up to 5 days prior to the workshop's start date. 

2928 Santa Monica Blvd, CA 90404  |  (310) 453-1691  |

Thursday, December 17, 2015

“Got Drought?” public art project about the California Drought unveiled on billboards throughout Los Angeles

47% of California’s total water and 55% of water consumed in the US is for animal agriculture.1300 gallons of water are required to make one hamburger versus 42 gallons for one veggie burger. 1000 gallons of water are needed to make 1 gallon of milk versus 49 gallons for soy milkWith facts like these you might be wondering why California residents are being required to reduce water consumption by 25 - 30%, even though residential water use accounts for only 4% of California’s total water footprint.

Los Angeles based artists Karen Fiorito and Alex Arinsberg have teamed up to educate the public about these facts via a public art project and billboard campaign called "Got Drought?" Got Drought's mission is to get this information to the public and to inspire people to change their behavior in order to reduce water consumption. With much of the world suffering from the impacts of climate change, one of the most efficient tools we have to achieve environmental sustainability is adapting a plant-based diet. Got Drought? believes that if people are made aware of the negative effects of animal agriculture on the environment, they will gladly change their behavior and consumption to save water and the environment.

Check out our new interactive website for more information and try out our water calculator tool to see "How thirsty is your food?" and view our map of where all 12 of our billboards are located (Downtown Los Angeles, Culver City, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica, Hollywood and Silver Lake.) 

For more information, please visit:
Twitter: @gotdrought

Billboard Locations:

  • 14' x 48' Large Billboards:
    • Downtown LA: Los Angeles St., East Side, 100ft North of the Santa Monica Freeway, Facing North: 
    • Silverlake: Beverly Blvd., North Side, 50ft East of Virgil,  Facing West
  • 5' x 11' Small Billboards:
    • Culver City: Overland Ave EL 145F N Of Regent ST SF
    • Culver City: Culver Dr NL 100F E Of Inglewood Blvd WF
    • Hollywood: Argyle Ave WL 170F S Of Yucca ST NF
    • Hollywood: Schraeder Blvd (Hudson) EL 110F N/O Selma SF
    • Hollywood: Willoughby Ave SL SL 116F W Of Highland EF
    • Marina Del Rey: Lincoln Blvd EL 579F S Of Washington SF
    • Santa Monica: Barrington WL 187' S/O Santa Monica NF
    • West LA: Beverly Blvd NL 80F E Of St Andrews PL EF
    • West LA: National Blvd NL 59F W Of Westwood Blvd WF
    • West LA: Barrington EL 50F S Of Pico Blvd SF

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Got Drought? Campaign gets Pollination Grant

We are proud to announce that Alex Arinsburg and Karen Fiorito have received a Pollination Project Grant for our "Got Drought?" Billboard Campaign. Soon we will begin our social media campaign and crowd funding. We aim to raise awareness about the relationship between water, pollution, energy consumption and diet, starting with the issue of water usage and California Drought. Please check out our website, Facebook and/or Twitter pages and like us or follow us or leave us a comment! Namaste!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Photopolymer Gravure Workshop at Josephine Press

Due to popular demand, Josephine Press will be adding another Photopolymer Workshop in November. The September one is full! Here is the link for those who are interested in taking my workshop:

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

AWWA Conference Presentation

On June 10, 2015 in Anaheim, CA, Karen Fiorito (AKA Buddha Cat Press) presented her poster presentation "Reducing Water Demand, Water Quality Impairment, Greenhouse Emissions and Energy Demand through Dietary Change" at the American Water Works Association Conference in Anaheim. The American Water Works Association (AWWA) is an international non-profit, scientific and educational association founded to improve water quality and supply. Established in 1881, it has a membership (as of 2012) of around 50,000 members worldwide. More on this subject soon! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Buddha Bunny and Bunnymania

Buddha Bunny
7 Color Serigraph, 2015
Arches 88 Silkscreen
signed and numbered by the artist
Edition of 20

Buddha Bunny made her debut this month at Bunnymania (a fundraiser art exhibition benefitting the National Museum of Animals & Society) at Chung King Studio in Chinatown and now at Wilding Cran Gallery in DTLA! For more information on Bunnymania go to There she will be up until April 18th and who knows where she will go from there? You can purchase her by clicking the button below for only $100 S/H included! Happy Spring! 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Buddha Chicken

Buddha Chicken
Serigraph with Gold Metallic, 11" x 12"
Edition of 20, 2015
signed and numbered by Karen Fiorito
$75 + $10 S/H

Buddha Chicken is a part of an ongoing series of animals as sacred beings.