Monday, February 6, 2017

Environmental Directions Radio Interview

This interview with Nancy Pearlman​ of the Environmental Directions Radios Series and Karen Fiorito (AKA Buddha Cat press) aired on January 13, 2017 on KBPK, 90.1 FM. In this interview, they talk about Veganism, Got Drought?​, the Art of Compassion Project​ and 
of course, art! 

Here is a video of the interview with graphics:

Environmental Directions Radio Series is the number one and longest running international environmental program of its kind. Inaugurated in 1977, these half-hour interview shows have aired weekly on public (NPR and APR), commercial, listener-sponsored, and college-sponsored stations, as well as on the Internet. Shows are taped on location throughout the world or at facilities in the Los Angeles area.

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